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What Is DeGatchi Working On?

DeGatchi is building an exploit generation tool (discovering vulnerabilities and synthesizing fully functioning zero-day exploits in smart contracts) for Nibble On Bytes, a research engineering firm.

Who Is DeGatchi?

DeGatchi is a self-taught, independent author, educator, host @ScrapingBits podcast and research developer who focuses on cutting-edge tooling and solving complex problems. As a deep algorthimic thinker, DeGatchi occupies himself by automating niche and complex tasks to push the limits of what current exists in the market. When not consumed by this passion of automation, he finds himself reading about human psychology to further understand the human brain to optimize for mental health since the mind is the most powerful thing on the plant that we can directly influence.

  • A world-class reverse engineer known for automating complex problem solutions, currently generalised exploit synthesis.
  • Someone that is consistent over months and years, achieving a little each day, becoming a better person each day.
  • Doesn’t compare to peers / competitors. The only competition is whether I’m better than the person I was yesterday.
  • An approachable, friendly, caring person that is genuinly interested in people and their lives who’s always respectful, despite potential conflicting beliefs.

Available For Hire!

For any inquiries regarding contracting/hiring, please dm me on twitter @DeGatchi, email at, or add on discord or telegram @degatchi.

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Dark-web, anonymity, assembly, reverse engineering, exploitation, automation, decentralisation, psychology, complexity.


DeGatchi’s biggest strengths are his burning desire to learn, drive to solve complex problems, and resilience in overcoming lengthy tasks. He has a tendency to think outside the box when faced with problems.

Equipped an obsessive personality, DeGatchi is a serial learner. He goes on a deep dive to understand everything relvent in the topic to understand what is possible, not matter how difficult.

Once he sets his mind to a task, he doesn’t stop until it’s finished or reaches a point where further iteration is not worth the time-opportunity cost. In that case, he will seek alternative solutions. If all else fails, he will work on a project that offers a higher value-to-time ratio.

Surprisingly, DeGatchi would rather code than go out. He can be introverted when working on a project, but extroverted in a social setting.