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What Am I Working On?

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success There is nothing impossible to him who will try Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do - Steve Jobs

DeGatchi is an obsessive learner that is working on self assembling AI while simultaneously learning about [molecular biology, organic chemistry, molecular nanotech]

If you are interesting in working together, investment or collaboration, feel free to reach out.

Scraping Bits

Scraping Bits is my technical podcast for people interested in the weeds of niche development topics. I’ve primarily focused on crypto [mev, dapps, wallets, zero-knowledge, bridges, investigators, cyber tooling, infrastructure], however there are plans to expand to AI, once I get more technically sound to unlock those interesting deep-dive conversations that are missing.

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This was the first interview I’ve ever done too.

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I am a creative visionary that brings unfathomably complex ideas to life by understanding things at fundamental levels. Independently, I act as an author, educator, podcast host @ScrapingBits and more importantly, someone that has a flame that never extinguishes.

Obsessed with creating artifical life (AL), of every waking moment, I ponder the limits of “life”: how can I develop a program that has the self awareness to mutate it’s entire architecture where it becomes more complex over time in terms of it’s topology that enables new efficiencies (through new features, e.g. a new arm for a human) so that we are able to set foot towards galactic conquest. Looking at the night sky’s constellation only makes me more hungry to make, what people would consider, this “witchcraft” a reality. I only have n amount of years to live so why not make a single invention that can invent everything else.

If you’re on this same path, please, reach out to me via one of my contacts above!

Before this ambitious quest, I was building a bytecode fuzzer + static analyser from scratch for smart contract exploit generation and reached the mutator part. After realisation that the fuzzer would not learn after thousands of iterations, and I would have to bake in the intuition, I thought “this seems wildly inefficient”. And so AI was the next progression. However there are some detrimental flaws in AI which lead me to down the road of complete autonomy with self mutating continous learning AGI. The one that can achieve such an AI will unlock the ability to exponentially grow or destory human civilisation.