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DeGatchi is a self-taught, independent author, educator, and researcher who focuses on tooling and infrastructure. He is currently working on a standalone EVM bytecode decoder and formal verification tools. DeGatchi likes to occupy himself with automating niche and complex tasks to potentially create groundbreaking technology.

Hiring - Unavailable

For any inquiries regarding contracting/hiring, please dm me on twitter @DeGatchi, email at or add on discord @DeGatchi#9032


  • /: A brief background of DeGatchi.
  • /projects: A list of all the projects he’s developed.
  • /articles: Technical write-ups that cover blockchain development topics.
  • /career: A bullet-point monthly log of his entire career progression.
  • /experience: A list of of all the projects he’s been affiliated with.


Dark-web, low-level reverse engineering, compilers, tooling, automation, decentralisation, web3 + rust.


DeGatchi’s biggest strengths are his burning desire to learn, drive to solve complex problems, and resilience in overcoming lengthy tasks. He has a tendency to think outside the box when faced with problems.

Equipped an obsessive personality, DeGatchi is a serial learner. Once he sets his mind to a task, he doesn’t stop until it’s finished or reaches a point where further iteration is not worth the time-opportunity cost. In that case, he will seek alternative solutions. If all else fails, he will work on a project that offers a higher value-to-time ratio.

Surprisingly, DeGatchi would rather code than go out. He can be introverted when working on a project, but extroverted in a social setting.