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If you’re new to my website I suggest exploring my articles or my career log as they give context to how I became who I am today.

If you remain, welcome aboard, space pirate.

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For some context, the purpose of this is to both act as:

  1. A public record to keep me on track w/ my commitments and for reflection
  2. An inspiration to those wondering how I got to where I am. I would sure love to read other autobiographies :(


My focus is to be at the intersection of [AI, Molecular Biology, Philosophy, Electornics] to create AGI.

AI is such an incredibly difficult field to break into, especially coming from a position such as mine, no math background (even algebra), since it truly relies on the fundamental pillars of life: probabilities, rates of change + how they change, and tracking what effects these variables, why they do and how they do it.

Originally I only recorded my career in general lump sums. Now, I’ve combined them all into a single encyclopedia for you indulge in whatever index you’re interested in! I predict it will be hard to sequentially document this, but I’ll try to reference different sections as I link them together

I hope you enjoy reading about my life :)


These logs are a work in progress. Information may be incomplete or scattered in disorder. Bare with the roughness!

Life Journal




Coming soon…