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2024 Identity

Explore the path DeGatchi took to get to the position he is at with Math and AI. A truly rare display of documentation in notoriously difficult topics. If you want to learn Math and AI this is precisely where you want to be. Similar to DeGatchi's crypto career log, it runs through the entire journey from start to finish! Read, learn and laugh, fren. I hope you can take the leap I did to conquer your wildest dreams... - DeGatchi 28/04/2024 00:08


24/04 — Identity

Before starting, I would like to mention that I’ve had deep trouble gathering all my thoughts into articles that get published. I’ve written about neuroscience, evolution and math but have never finished them due to never polishing up the editing or to merely not having enough information to finalise the pieces. This, on the otherhand, will act as a continous feed of thoughts so there is no requirement to finishing a piece — therefore there will never be a hault on production.

I will never regret doing more of what’s important to me, I will only regret not doing it sooner. Someday is not a day in the week.

I also would like to establish my identity for future reference.

Who am I?

A pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence, specifically mutation based computating. I stick up for what I believe in and will never be swayed unless theres a reasonable explaination to reassess.

What is my goal?

The goal is to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time to optimally accelerate. There are 2 things that we can leverage for the rest of our lives: [knowledge, skills], everything else is temporary. Health is to optimise them. Money is buy time that have them. Friendships will come naturally as long as you’re doing right and not immoral to them.

My journey is towards building the most advanced mutation based AI and apply it to [nanoscience, rocketry, military] to push the limits of humanity.

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Why does this goal matter to me?

I truly believe the only way to see AGI is to have it be built from non-human minds. It needs to be able to take a life on it’s own. Follow evolution and speed it up. That can be done w/ compute + mutation algorithms.

When the model is running rampet, I want to control it and put it into:

  1. Nanotech: to remove viruses, kill cancer, stop body deterioration and cure death — experienced too much of these and they effect me deeply; I want to live to see #2.
  2. Rocketry: to explore the galaxy and see what’s really out there — very curious to seek the answers of the universe.
  3. Military (optional): to protect myself against bad actors (civil war, world-war, assassinations) + for galactic conquest.

How will I reach said goal?

  • Build a habit of doing the thing for 2hrs a day w/ undistracted focus. Habits remove motivation from the equation.
  • Be f*cking disciplined, be consistent at learning math each day, then the goal will be reached.
    • Why 4hrs? Short periods of focused work is the only valuable form of work, e.g. long unfocused work.
    • Why math? Everything important requires math. It’s the lowest level you can go in anything. Observing biology to make algorithms is math, building ai is math, finance, inventing, simply understanding the world is math. You can’t do anything relevant in deep tech without math.
  • Don’t work any jobs. Only do contracting if need money. Figure out how to get money without a job.
    1. Lets do the math on the time trade-off when working a job.
      • If you work 9hrs 5/7 days, 9*5 = 45hrs * 52 weeks = 2,340hrs
      • Now lets do 12hrs conservatively for commute, calls, relaxing bc you work a slave job and have no metal bandwidth to do shit, 2340 + (3*5*52=780) = 3,120hrs.
      • Instead of wasting 3,120hrs for the year on a job that simply gives you money and not anything working towards who you want to be, is that really worth it objectively?
    2. Mathematical financial breakdown If you pay £2,000 * 12 months then thats £24,000 per year, where:
      • average rent in UK is £1,276 p/m
      • bills: total £230
        • phone £10
        • water avg: £40
        • internet avg: £40
        • gas + electricity avg: £140
      • health insurance of £26.15 p/m
      • 1 meal a day for £5 * 30days = £150 p/m
      • vitamins sold per quarter is around, get multivit maybe £100 / 3 = £33 (d3, fish-oil, b12, zinc, magnesium, c, etc)
      • gym membership conservatively £30 p/m
      • total essentials expenses exluding rent: £30 + £150 + £40 + £230 = £450; add whatever rent you have, e.g. £1,600 + £450 = £2,050.
      • then obviously you have one off purchases for bed, desk, lamp, books (use online ones though), etc.
      • is it really that hard to make £24,000? If you can’t do that then you have other problems to focus on over taking a leap of faith to change the world.
  • Surround myself with people that are like-minded. Those you spend the most time with will either fuck you over mentally or enhance you.

What do I set out to accomplish each day

3 essentials for each day

  • Workout: full workout and/or 100 burpees to take break
  • Read: 2-4hrs of math w/ intense focus
  • Writing: document learnings + progress, to solidify learning

Topics to attack in order

  1. algebra: need to know how to manipulate variables to do anything beyond algebra
  2. linear algebra
  3. calculus
  4. probability + statistics
  5. number theory (modular arithmetic)
  6. group theory (fields, rings, etc.)
  7. mathematical modelling
  8. ai
  9. read “The Art of Electronics”
  10. start robotics, only after 70% of AI stuff has been learned
  11. biology: mutation, evolution, adaptation

The most optimal day would be to optimise:

  • 8hr math (4x 2hr blocks; 1 after wake up, 1 before sleep)
  • 2hr bio (2x 1hr blocks)
  • 3hr thinking + curious study (not intense, e.g. nanotech)
  • 3hr existing
    • cook + eat: 1hr
    • gym + shower: 1hr
    • relax: 1hr

My current situation

  • Consistent at gym, building routine
  • Working 12-14hrs p/d , even some all-nighters
  • Enough runway for multi-year if quit, according to the financial specification above
  • No time to self study; the time I have remaining is recovering from the work-gauntlet
  • Planning future before anything drastic
  • Always stressed bc pressure and health deteriorating as result