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DeGatchi's Life Plan

DeGatchi's Life Plan

Ever wondered what DeGatchi's life looks like or what he wants to accomplish in life? Well, here's an exclusive look into the mysterious mind of DeGatchi. Maybe you'll be inspired, maybe you wont give a single shit, but here it is!

Wtf Is this?

Gm fren. You may be wondering wtf, where is the technical content. This is technical content for my life planning. You get exclusive access into my attack plan for life at such an early stage of my career.

So, basically this is a complete guide to how I’m approaching life on a macro and kind of micro approach. When we go to the gym we plan for how we’re going to work out for optimal results and satisfaciton. Why not do it for your entire life to reduce stress and get maximum output in terms of life satisfaciton and gains, financially, career wise, health, everything. Without a plan how can you be prepared? You think militaries don’t have plans? Why not design your life towards how you want to live it. Simply having it written down makes you more likely to do it (kind of wild).

I’m doing this for my own benefit since I always read my own webiste (lol), but if it inspires you then I’m happy I can assist in your journey of life :)

Advice To Myself

We all know what we should do to get to where we want to. What to and not to do to improve our lives. What things should we increase and decrease doing?


  • Play incremental long ball, don’t play for the home run. There will always be competition. As long as you love what you do you’ll create your own piece of the pie. The more fails you can climb on the higher you’ll get.
  • Starting the thing. Stop procrastinating commencing the thing. This is by far the hardest thing I haven’t solved yet.
  • Write down a flow graph of what needs to be done in the simplest form and why.


  • Worrying about the future.
  • Procrastinating.
  • Feeling guilty for taking breaks.

Create deadlines for goals. E.g. do x by end of day. Nothing end of week.

  • What are you doing today that is more important than x?
  • Apply pressure to yourself to get x done. Finishing something from end of week to end of day x7’s productivity.

How Can I Be Proud Each Day?

The goal is to be proud. Happy is derived from being proud. You can be happy for a short while w/ temporary satisfaction (porn, drugs, bad habits, etc) but being proud is being satisfied with yourself and what you’ve done, in any aspect - spiritual, physical, psychological - shit, even taking a break and relaxing after hours of work can make you proud.

These are the things I want to see in my daily schedule that will make me proud of that day.

  • Make bed after getting up - build momentum; small win.
  • 3hrs of learning/working on passion: [hack analysis, learning opsec/infosec, exploit tool development] - working towards what I enjoy doing.
  • 1hr learning AI and/or math (andrew ng, linear algebra, calculus, etc) - I’ll regret at least not understanding sooner.
  • 0.5hrs mins reading in bed before sleeping after brushing teeth - Instead of on phone, read about random topic of interest.

Active breaks, choosing to stop and not feel guilty for doing so:

  • juggling with no music (to trigger creativity via non-focus + increase gray matter)
  • breathwork (most people dont breath properly, you can actually train yourself to breath)
  • take time to move w/ mind involved - moving your body helps your mind a lot.

How Can We Hyperoptimize Our Time?

There goes a saying, the pareto rule, that 20% of the work we do generates 80% of the results. You need to identify what will yield the most results and prioritize those.

The single most productive thing is starting the work.

It takes 5 minutes to get into wanting to work.

But we delay for hours before we start that 5 minutes.

Literally, don’t even think and just begin doing the thing. Turn it into an automatic habbit. One thing I do everyday is get out of bed, brush my teeth and start (before a shower or anything else).

I’ve never regretted working harder.


I want to enjoy my day so I can be consistent over dozens of months. If I do not enjoy my day-to-day life how can I be consistent? Consistency enables compounding effects. Forming habits puts you on autopilot. Put yourself in positive autopilot so there’s less stress, decisions and willpower required to start.

The goal of the plan is to hit the ground running asap, starting off the day w/ small wins to build momentum, e.g. make bed. Treat the Software Development (be on time) as a meeting w/ a friend, be on time. Don’t disrespect yourself and show up late.

  • Fast 16:8 min || 18:6 to build the habbit (again)

  • Eat raw ginger every day (immunity)

  • Meditate 10mins (train focus)

  • Gym 30 mins

  • Sleep 8hrs

  • 10:00:

    1. Get out of bed
    2. Make bed
    3. Brush teeth
    4. Shower
    5. Rehearse My Story for 5 mins
    6. Rehearse what im grateful for for 5 mins
    7. Refill kettle
    8. Prepare 2 green teas
    9. Write down 3 things to finish today
  • 11:00: Software Development (be on time)

  • 11:30:

  • 12:00:

  • 13:30:

  • 14:00:

  • 14:30:

  • 15:00: Active relaxation (reading, music, friends, whatever)

  • 15:30:

  • 16:00: Software Development (be on time)

  • 17:00:

  • 18:00:

  • 19:00:

  • 20:00:

    1. Prepare for gym
    2. Active relaxation (reading, music, friends, whatever)
  • 21:00: Gym + Shower

  • 22:00: Active relaxation (reading, music, friends, whatever)

  • 23:00:

  • 24:00:

  • 01:00:

  • 01:30:

    1. Floss teeth
    2. Brush teeth
    3. Mouthwash
    4. Rehearse My Story for 5 mins
    5. Read kindle
  • 02:00: Asleep by this time.



  • Regret the things you do instead of the thing you didn’t do. Don’t focus on taxes and money. What is a material good that has changed your life forever (apart from laptop)?
  • Work hard for the long term, build the skills. Don’t focus on short term money
  • Use money as a tool: spend to gain something; that is the point of money. The mind generates money, upgrade your mind and optimize for it:
    • Experiences (events, courses)
    • Upgrading tech (mic, firmware)
    • Make environment optimal (plants, standing desk, monitors, lava lamp)
    • Hire people to automate tasks i dont specialise in (buy time + productivity)
  • Priortize experiences, friends and family:
    • Experiences are the core of life. Without experiences what is life? Spend time with people, denying enough invites removes the chance of a new one significantly.
    • Family are not here forever. If you have good relationships, try spend as much time with them.
    • Friends can be around for a lifetime and drastically improve your life in all aspects. Without friends we cannot share and enjoy our accomplishments to the fullest.


I enjoy the stoic mindset.

  • Only worry about things you can change
  • Be in the present: enjoy your time in that experience. Emotions are the essence of being human.
  • Everyone knows something you do not


To have clean set financial goals, there needs to be a plan in place. Money is infinite, but what is the exact amount you need to enjoy a fufilling life?

Total p/y = $92.5k AUD ($58k USD):

  • $70k: rent
  • $12k: expenses
    • Phone: $30
    • Internet: $200
    • Water + Electricity: $200
    • Food: $200
    • Private Healthcare: $250
  • $10k: living money: (tech, furniture, equipment, travel + airbnb)
  • $500: dentist: x2 checkups, every 6 month

Housing Gameplan

So I have to earn $60k USD each year to live an enjoyable life. x60 years = $3.6M USD.

However, long term goal is to own a house (for garden) or skyrise apartment in center city w/ great view (house cannot have this) - one I’m looking at is approx $1.75M AUD ($1M USD) This would reduce the rent requirements and allow for much easier living within my means + extra (would be $92.5k - 70k = $22.5k AUD ($14k USD) p/y) while not dealing with inflation + landlord bs (another form of freedom).

Doing the calculations, It’s actually cheaper long term:

  • originally renting: $60k USD x 60 years = $3.6M USD
  • buying: $3.6M USD - $1M USD = 2.6M, 2.6M / $14k USD = 185.7 years

So we actually reduce costs a whole lot more and gain the financial freedom to do whatever we want while owning a house. And obviously during these years I’d make a whole lot more money to buy passport(s) and buy/rent houses across the globe to prepare for any bullshitery with a single country - that’s true freedom.

For those wondering what I’d get, personally I’d want:

  • modern skyrise center city apartment
  • windows size of wall w/ a great view for that juicy
  • 3 bedrooms to host frens + fam for free from across the globe and maybe set one up as a hardware room (for super computer, hardware, etc).
  • in-house gym and close to transport

Or if I got a house, next to the ocean (to go fishing) w/ a kickass garden.

I think if I ever wanted to move on from the apartment I would rent it out as an investment property and move onto the next chapter.


I want to have a diet that keeps my brain at it’s most optimal state for as long as possible. Without health, nothing matters. Refilling your body w/ the correct fuel makes it work optimally, think of it like to putting disel in a petrol car.


  • Food
    • Protein
      • Eggs
      • Chicken/Meat
      • Kidney beans (or any)
    • Vegetables
      • Cabbage
      • Carrots
      • Onions
    • Carbs
      • Brown || Jasmine rice
    • Herbs + Spices
      • Turmeric
      • Smoked Paprika
      • Cumin
      • Pink salt + pepper
    • Extra
      • Ginger
      • Garlic
  • Suppliments:
    • 1x per day: Vitamin D3 (bc no sun)
    • 2x per day: DHA-500 Fish oil (brain functionality)
    • 2x per gym: Whey protein (jim)
    • 4x-6x per day: Green + Black Tea (need to get mineral tea too)
    • 2x-3x per day: Turmeric || ginger tea (make main tea taste better)



  • hamstrings (touch toes w/ straight legs)
  • quads (lunge stretch)
  • glutes (most important)
  • rotate shoulders
    • full circle
    • mini circle
  • hang from bar


Goal is to be as functional as possible, so cardio + strength.

  • Combo 1
    • 6 rounds of burpees; as many as can do (cardio + general fitness)
    • wide-grip pullups (essential upper strength)
  • Combo 2
    • romainian deadlift (essential lower strength)
    • deadstop row
  • Combo 3
    • tricep pushdown
    • Muay thai knees: 12-20 each leg x3 (makes you more confident in a fight)
  • Combo 4 (can throw this in anywhere really)
    • curls
    • lat raises
  • Farmers walk (if available - good for carrying groceries)

If i were indoors only or no gym: rotate burpees and squats.

Life Stack

The following are the essentials I’ve used to travel to 6 different countries in 2023 w/ a single backpack. Anything beyond this isn’t essential but an addition to the neccessary items.


  • Macbook Pro 14” M2 Max: powerful and portable
  • 18.5” portable monitor: scales perfectly w/ mac, as of now + perfect for travel
  • 2tb SSD stick: backup your life - keep 1 in bag so if your laptop gets stolen you can respawn
  • x1 portable charger: for phone w/ slingbag
  • x2 Ankr Multi-adapter cord: converts to everything essential
  • GAN charger: fast af charging + less cm^2
  • Ethernet cord + Multifunction adapter: more secure + faster internet
  • Portable microphone: for podcast
  • Remarkable 2: amazing for designing big software systems; a book will do fine also
  • Small Kindle: essential for balancing life + traveling
  • Wireless mouse


  • GoRuck bag: military grade bag that can contain your entire life; essential for travel
  • 3 Packing cubes (S, M, L)
    • Small: x5 socks (2 long, 2 ankle, 1 med) + x8 underwear uniqlo (fast dry, good fabric)
    • Medium: x5 black t-shirts from uniqlo (goes with every outfit - casual, formal, gym)
    • Large: x1 cargo pants, x1 dress pants - should probably replace w/ black jeans for versitility\
  • Black UV protectant hoodie: casual fit, warm, good sun blocker
  • Sling bag (super essential): for EDC when out and about
  • Neck warmer: for cold ass places or dusty places


  • Electric toothbrush: essential for good teeth hygene; manual brushes are dogwater compared to this.
  • Medicine bag
    • Eye drops; conjunctivitis savour
    • Cold + flu medicine
    • Anti-histamines
    • Bandages, etc
    • Anything else essential
  • Multiple passports: essential for not being locked down to a single country (you can buy them)
  • Glasses: theres something powerful about not being able to see one’s eyes + fk sunlight
  • Watch: don’t get rekt from phone dying
  • Essential document copies in plastic folder
  • Ziplock bags: essential for organisation and lightweight

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