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A Living Glitch

A Living Glitch

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I had a friend a couple years back that mentioned she felt like she didn’t belong anyway. In the spiritual sense that made you question whether I was with someone suicidal or insane. But as this year progressed I began to understand her.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to have met some terrific people, that have also opened my eyes to the realities of the world. The parts that we are constantly unaware of until something happens to us that makes us realise. A great example is: you never truly own your home, whether that’s an apartment or a house. I’m sure owning a car is really owning it but something stagnent, such as the former really makes you wonder…

When you have a house you have to pay property taxes, stamp duty, council rates, etc. This is just to “own” the house after already purchasing it. If you don’t pay these they can simply yoink your house. Or better yet, if the government doesn’t like you they can take it anyway. What are you going to do? You have no power, control or autonomy over the matrix. You have to play by the rules and stay under the radar to live within the restrictions w/o raising any eyebrows.

When we think about “freedom” it is really all an illusion. The only way to have the maximum possible freedom in this life is to have 2 things.


Money enables you to buy freedom. You can buy:

  1. Passports: to give access to differnet countries if one goes to shit
  2. Living conditions: housing, flights, food (fuel), transport, materialisitc items to improve [x, y, z].
  3. Time: you can buy someone’s time to increase productivity and accomplish more than a single person.
  4. Power: money is the exchange for buying weapons, intelligence, world-trade, infrastructure, and people to fight for you (lawyers and militaries / police / companies - think of banks).


Power in it’s essence is influence, positive or negative, which can be further derived from control.

When we think about authoratarian societies, such as China, they have the influence to punish those that speak out against the standard of the matrix. Someone like North Korea, it’s impossible to escape without getting killed. They’re constantly monitored and brainwashed from birth. Controling every aspect of one’s life - from where they are at all times, to limiting what information is available, to how they think, to how they act.

There is also positive influence, such as social media presence. These really go two ways:

  1. Coersive
  2. Sincere

Sometimes sincere is converted to coersive due to threats, payment, fame, etc. Either way, social media presence is arguably the most influential power we have in today’s society. When you can change the way people think, without forcing it upon them, then you become the source of truth for them. The very beliefs that shape their actions and thoughts. We see it today with Andrew Tate. They’re trying to lock him up because he has so much power, in a positive fashion, towards young men - the very core of military recruitment.

However, there is another form of power. One that doesn’t require any reputation to be built or people to agree with you. A type that can be created by typing on a keyboard in your bed while listening to music on a late saturday afternoon. One that doesn’t have any pre-requisites in terms of capital, reputation, identity or technology. This is realistically the easiest power to acquire. This power is information security, or commonly known as cybersecurity.

Now why is this so powerful?


You can have the thing, but without control it is useless.


The closer you get to “freedom” the bigger your blimp becomes on the radar of the matrix.

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