What characteristics does the place you want to live have?

Who are you?

What makes you embarressed?

What does the perfect life look for you?

WWhat do you want to accomplish in life?


  1. Math (linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, formal reasoning (proofs)) + AI (reinforcement + deep learning)

  2. Electrical Engineering (FPGAs and general) + Robotics

  3. figure out where to live (probably texas)

  4. buy large land + house

What do you want to accomplish in the next 3 years

What do you want to accomplish this year

What about the next 12 weeks?

What does the most repeatable day look like?

What Do I Want


Digital Minimalisim

Repeatable Schedule

This schedule is craeted in respect for repeatability.

05:30 - wakeup: few mins white light exposure 10k luxx (set circadian rythm)

0600 (0030) - Study #1 0700 (0130)

0800 (0230) - leave for work 0900 (0330) - start work … 1700 (1130) - finish work

1800 (1230) - [reach home, start cooking]

1840 (1310) - [slam food, ginger, vitamins, cleanup, go gym] 1930 (1400) - gym end 1935 (1405) - [whey protein, shower, brush teeth]

2000 (1430) - relax / learn completely unrelated things, e.g. philosophy or someshit

2120 (1550) - in bed 2130 ()

No body knows you or what you’re capable of doing. After figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life you then have a reason to wake up.

Success is what you attract — you must be attractive. You got more than you got by becoming more than you are.

Surround yourself with people whos eyes light up when they see you.

Its you against you.

Digital Minimalisim

attempting to recall the material you are trying to learn — retrieval practice — is far more effective than simply rereading the material. Simply practicing and recalling the material you are able to learn far more at a much deeper level than doing any other approach.

Law of serendipity: luck favors the one who tries