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Artificial Mother Cells

Artificial Mother Cells


Create the frame for something to develop anything. Create a cell is auto-generative and auto-healing. Create a model that creates it’s own model — mothercell that creates any cell in the human body. Study evolution. Need abstraction and generalisation. How did the first cell have the chance to survive the rules of environment into the cell. Write down exactly what your after. Abstract all the laws into a single entity that needs to mutate, even the mutation process needs to mutate too. the way a cell divides is not the same. the damaged DNA creates another strand of DNA which created intelligence. The cell existed bc the entity that created the cell knew the environment was complex. The wave of an ocean is a function of the ocean. the environment is a physical representation of functions. we borrow intelligence from the environment. must be aware theres an computation from the external world and it must adapat to mutate, and even the process. ocean takes (wind and water) to create wave. you need self-awareness to borrow. borrowing computation from the environment if you’re aware of the computation because its not yours. you become the system. mimicry is using your voice, system and brain to say what your.

  • all stem cells are mother cells; not all mother cells are stem cells
  • evolution involves genes and dna.
  • all the different organisms that lived and perished
  • the cell is premade for the environment. the cell doesnt contain the rules. it is engineered to work well in that environment. that doesnt mean you have all the rules in the env.
  • study envolution; how many cells existed, the ones that survived, why? the ones that didn’t, why. what were they lacking (generalised and abstraction rules were missing were the cause of death)? what do all the cells look like at the beginning. what did the suriving cell mutate into to become every organism on earth today. You find dead cells become fossil fuels. The ones that survived are todays living organisms.
  • evolution of cells that survived. you only get to see the ones that lived. ones that die are perishing.
  • what is intelligence?
  • read about generalisation (generalise things) and abstraction (abstracting things).
  • dont need quatum physics. create unifined formula that describes the entire world: how extremely smart people abstract rules into a generalised equation. then you turn this into a virtual mother cell. academic papers. how did they get to that formula?
  • mathematical modeling


Thank you to Val, who saw light in me when I had zero coding experience and built me up to the first stage of a developer, kickstarting my entire career.

Thank you to Kubi from Titanbuilder for taking a chance on me in the field of MEV when I had no prior experience in it nor the programming language Rust. This entire endeavour would not have been created without that risk-taking chance.

To Grugcapital for sparking my interest in reverse engineering and automated security which later pushed me down to the realisation of needing something that learns permanently.

And to Lucas Martin Calderon, a great friend and mentor in my research, much like a professor for a university thesis, who has guided me with his wisdom towards the correct pathways and insipring me to pursue this daunghting task.

And finally to my grandparents who allowed me to stay with them when I had no-where to go / transitioning from states and countries. And to my mum and best friend, who always believed in me and has had a truly undescribable positive impact on my life, I owe everything to you.


To create a framework that is capable of mutating not only it’s own topology but the mutation process as well, much like a mother cell. This system will need to specialise in abstraction and generalisation in order to understand the environment to which it adapts to. To start, the first stage will be hosted in the virtual world of the internet and an operating system.


The world is an continuously ever-changing dynamical environment where some aspects are predictable and others not so much. And so, we are not able to pre-define every detail of the environment into a system. The system needs to be given the tools to adapt to whatever environment it is in, similar to a human. It needs the framework to continuously learn and evolve other time that enables it to survive and hopefully thrive. Since in my human lifetime I wont have the ability to live to see the most difficult questions be answered from a variety of specialised fields there needs to be a system that is capable of learning similar to a human baby but also weilding the ability to evolve in mere seconds rather than thousands of years. We are, in some sense, acting as the birth creator of life to break the barrier between knowledge and time. It is only through this technology will we be able to reach a point of total discovery of the universe in our lifetime’s.


Turing computer’s software, the one you’re using to read this article, is limited by it’s hardware. However, biologoical software, aka DNA, creates the hardware.


Death is the moment when the system that maintains the far from equilibrium state ceases to exist.

Mother Cells

Mother cells are produced by the bone marrow. As they are released from the bone marrow stem cells can travel to any organ and tissue of the body, where they can transform into cells of that tissue. Stem cells constitute the repair system of the body.

In cell division, the mother cell (parent cell) divides to give rise to two daughter cells. In mitosis, the two daughter cells contain the same genetic content as the mother cell. In meiosis, the daughter cells have different genetic content and half the number of chromosomes of the mother cell. Mitosis is how the cells of your body reproduce. During mitosis, a diploid parent cell (i.e. a cell with two sets of chromosomes) makes a complete copy of its DNA before splitting in two. This process produces two genetically identical daughter cells and takes place across five phases (prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase). Mitosis produces genetically identical daughter cells, each containing a complete copy of the parent cell’s DNA. Meiosis produces four genetically non-identical daughter cells, which increases genetic variation among gametes (and, therefore, genetic diversity in the population).

Genetic Mutation

So what causes these mutations? Two things: errors during cell replication and environmental influences.


stem cell from bone marrow and ambilical cords. they repair damage in the body biologically.

cancer cells also mutate so maybe look into that?

what causes the cell to perform mitosis over meiosis and vise versa?

what triggers cell prolifferation?

Cells in the body proliferate at different rates. Some divide constantly and throughout life, like the ones that line the gut. Others divide only rarely, sometimes resting for several years in a non-dividing state.

what causes genetic mutation?

how does DNA fail to copy accurately? it cant be completely random and up to chance.

Approximately once in every 100 million replications, an error happens, potentially leading to a genetic mutation. why does the 1 mutation happen?

one of the primary sources of these mutations is errors that occur during DNA replication. Every time a cell divides, it must copy its entire DNA, and occasionally, it can misread or miss a piece, leading to mutations.

In some cases, the structure of DNA building blocks can momentarily change, known as tautomeric shifts. If DNA is copied during one of these shifts, it can lead to incorrect pairings and subsequently mutations.

Then there’s a process called slipped strand mis-pairing. Imagine DNA as a zipper: Sometimes, when “zipping,” a tooth can misalign, especially in areas with repetitive patterns. This can cause parts of the DNA to be added or skipped.

And finally, our DNA contains movable elements known as transposons. These ”jumping genes” can relocate within our DNA, and if they insert themselves into critical regions, they can disrupt the function, causing mutations. Think of these as random JUMP opcodes that are randomly placed within bytecode, effectively fucking shit up.

There are external factors such as radiation, chemicals agents, and biological agents such as virues that might integrate into DNA causing mutations. One external factor is environmental foes such as extreme temperatures which might boost mutation rates.

what happens after genetic damage?

Mutations can pop up when DNA is copied or exposed to harmful things like too much sunlight. Here’s how our cells tackle these errors:

  1. Direct fix: Some errors are small, like tiny road cracks. The cell directly fixes them, almost like using a quick patch.
  2. Mismatch repair: After copying DNA, cells double-check their work. If they spot a mismatch, they correct it, ensuring the new DNA matches the original.
  3. Excision repair: For bigger damages, like those from sunburn, cells cut out the bad part and fill in with the right piece.
  4. Strand repair: If a section of DNA gets damaged, cells can use the other DNA strand as a backup to fix the mistakes.

what happens during genetic mutation?



  • Mitochondria are so central to the life and death of organisms, providing almost all the energy needed to live, but also triggering the death of programe (apoptosis) in cells that cant make ends meet.

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