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AI Journey

Have you ever wondered about the field of MEV and what's possible within the field? Introducing counter MEV! Instead of building bots to find profitable execution flows from protocols on the blockchain, we build bots that target other bots but not in the generalised frontrunner way! Want to learn more about Web3 MEV on Ethereum? Let DeGatchi teach you all about this facinating field!

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High Level Understanding: 13/10/2023

After reading this reddit post I decided I need to learn the high level of ML before going deep into it. So naturally I’m going to do Andrew Ng’s Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification. When you get a high level understanding you’ll gain insight into the potential it offers, and thus ideas and goals, rather than blindly learning something with no concrete goal or idea how you’re going to use it (that’s how you burn out and are unable to obtain consistency over months and years). I did the same with coding. Learned why it was magical and had the burning passion to be able to get to competent level to do what I wanted to do. Hopefully the same will follow w/ AI.

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